We Are 我們的除夕夜 2O24

除夕夜是送舊迎新之時,有展望也有回首。為了讓不同的世代創造屬於台灣的共同回憶, 中華文化總會為此打造了特別節目《 WE ARE 我們的除夕夜 》,以攪拌融合創新和懷舊為初衷,希望打造屬於台灣人的除夕節目,並因此委託我設計節目主視覺、鏡面、片頭與行銷文宣素材會議中,我們討論到希望塑造一個「國際感的春節符號」,於是建議使用了大量西方的文字堆疊排列,卻集合出東方的節慶感。「龍」是至吉的祥瑞,如果它可以不受語言或地域的約束、橫跨不同語言悠遊在各個舞台上,我想這會是個很美好的祝福。

New Year's Eve is a time for bidding farewell to the old and welcoming the new, filled with anticipation and reflection. In order to create collective memories for different generations in Taiwan, GACC has curated a special program called "WE ARE Our New Year's Eve", aiming to blend innovation with nostalgia, and thus entrusted me to design the program's visual identity. During our meetings, we discussed the desire to shape an "Lunar New Year vibes". Therefore, we suggested incorporating a large amount of English text stacked together, yet imbued with an Chinese festive atmosphere. The dragon symbolizes auspiciousness, and if it can transcend language or geographical constraints and gracefully navigate various stages, I believe it would be a wonderful blessing.
Type Event
AD Ting-An Ho
GD Ting-An Ho
MG Ting-An Ho
ST B’in Live
Year 2024

類別 活動識別
客戶 文總
美指 何庭安
設計 何庭安
動態 何庭安
舞台 必應創造
年份 2024

Full Credit ::

Client: GACC

Type: VIS 
Art Director: Ting-An Ho
Design: Ting-An Ho
Stage Production: B’in Live
Year: 2024

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