Taiwan Design Expo 2O23: Circle Up

它擁有全台灣最多的行政區,同時也包容著全台灣最多的居住人口;它有高速運轉的百工百業,也有可彼此獨立亦可聯動的產業網絡,這座巨大的環形城市始終環繞不息,言方行圓而不露圭角。2023 年,當新北市即將成為全台最大設計展的主舞台,叁式於是受此重任打造今年的形象識別,我也因此擔任此案的藝術指導,透過視覺好好說一個以「城市」與「設計」為主題的故事。當眾人將眼光轉向這座城市,當此次聚光燈不在著眼一處,而是散開成一張大圓,當我們環顧四周,讓所有人可以自由的定義、討論與解讀,大家才可以重新認識這座眾人之城。 2023 台灣設計展「○起來」於是命名。

Geographically, New Taipei City is a city without a center. In other words, a circle. It has the largest number of administrative districts in Taiwan, accommodating the highest population in the country. It hosts a diverse array of industries operating at full speed, with an interlinked network that can function independently or collaboratively. This vast circular city continually revolves, embracing a seamless integration of various elements. In 2023, as New Taipei City is set to become the main stage for the largest design exhibition in Taiwan, UltraCombos was entrusted of creating this year's visual identity. I took on the role of Art Director for this project, aiming to weave a story around the theme of "city" and "design." As the spotlight shifts to this city, it doesn't just focus on one point; rather, it disperses into a large circle. As we look around, everyone is free to define, discuss, and interpret, allowing us all to rediscover this city of the people. The 2023 Taiwan Design Expo was thus named "CIRCLE UP".
Type Exhibition
P UltraCombos
AD Ting-An Ho
PM Prolong Lai
TD TK Chen
D Ting-An Ho, Kathleen Hsiao
PV Ting-An Ho, Hauzhen Yen, Liwei Chang, Glenn Huang, Kathleen Hsiao
Year 2023

類別 展覽識別
視覺 何庭安
專管 賴柏榕
技術 陳廷愷
設計 何庭安,蕭嘉筠
影片 何庭安,顏晧真,黃偉哲,張立薇,蕭嘉筠
年份 2023

Full Credit::
Taiwan Design Expo '²³ - "CIRCLE UP"
Exhibition Visual Identity

Client: TDRI / New Taipei City Government
Production: UltraCombos
Art Director: Ting-An Ho (murmuring all the time)
Technical Director: TK Chen (Unity ftw)
Project Manager: Prolong Lai (answer all of the phones)
Typeface: Kathleen Hsiao (doing all the stuff), Ting-An Ho (walking around and stuff)
Kinetic Pictogram: Ting-An Ho (motion so hard)
PV: Ting-An Ho, Hauzhen Yen, Glenn Huang, Liwei Chang, Kathleen Hsiao (They are bosses)
Marketing & Creative Planner: Alltheway Creative (u guys. u guys just. wow.)
Sound Design: Triodust (spin that city)
Sign System Supporting: Wooyoo Design
Landscape Photography: Yi-Hsien Lee, Bole Studio
Stationary Photography: River Chen
Year: 2023

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