Very Taipei 這很台北

台北城中以北的淡江鐵路,曾是連接南北的關鍵廊道,如今更成為市民駐足的新地標,也扮演著連結過去與未來、不斷茁壯的角色。2022年,台北捷運啟動中山站整建計畫,企望創造更豐富的城市風景,於是計劃與藝術家攜手,在中山線型公園引領大眾回望 25 年來城市景觀的演變,打造一座屬於這座城市的成果展,而我也受 Group.G 之託設計成果展的主視覺。


MRT Zhongshan Station in Taipei, once a key corridor connecting the north and the south, is now a new landmark for citizens' leisure. In 2022, Taipei MRT launched the Zhongshan Station renovation plan to create a more energetic urban landscape, so it created an exhibition of achievements belonging to Taipei, leading the public to look back on the evolution of the urban landscape over the past 25 years, and I was entrusted with planning the exhibition’s identity.

As an ever-growing city, Taipei Zhongshan has its own special pace. Even with its profound history, it still maintains a steady stream of energy; between renovation and slowness, with a balanced and lively rhythm. Such an impression is deeply rooted in Zhongshan, and I wanted the visual identity to echo this, echoing the image of Taipei's continuous growth with bold block fonts, and using sharp corners, tangents and square edges to compare its buildings, alleys and Settlement of space.

Type Exhibition VI
C Metro Taipei
D Yen Weng Fang
AD Ting-An Ho
GD Ting-An Ho, Elsa Lin
MD Ting-An Ho
CM Li-Feng Cheng
PM Sasa Fang
PE Nat Lu
Year 2022

類別 展覽識別
客戶 台北捷運
策展 房彥文
設計 何庭安,林淑慧
動態 何庭安
預告 鄭利豐
專管 方怡甯
專執 呂筱琦,王瀅綾
攝影 Studio YHLAA
年份 2022

Extension Design

Stage Design

Full Credit ::

Location: MRT Zhongshan Station

Client: Metro Taipei
Organizer: Group.G

Project Director: Yen Weng Fang
Art Director: Ting-An Ho
Graphic Design: Ting-An Ho, Elsa Lin
VI Photography: Studio YHLAA
Motion Design: Ting-An Ho
CM Director: Li-Fung Cheng
Project Manager: Sasa Fang
Project Executive: Nat Lu, Yingling Wang
Year: 2022

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