+ Ting-An Ho 何庭安


2011年,於大學就讀期間,自薦重新設計校方多項識別,自此開始深入藝術指導工作。作品數度獲國際大獎,如 iF 設計獎、金蝶獎、亞洲最具影響力設計獎等,多次受邀於法國、瑞士、德國、英國、東京、新加坡等地展出,動畫作品亦參展威尼斯雙年展、德國斯圖加特影展、羅馬尼亞 Anim'est 動畫節等國際藝術節與影展。近期主力為從事形象塑造,並著手大量品牌識別、商業展演及音樂錄影帶之藝術指導。2014 自實踐大學媒體傳達設計學系畢業,同年與友人創立影像工作室 STUDIO 411。

Ting-An Ho, born in 1991, an Graphic designer and Art director based in Taiwan. In 2011, during studies, he started putting himself forward and volunteered to re-design the identity of his College, and began as an art director. As a award-winning designer, he was recommended to become one of the most influential young gun designers in Asia, receiving numerous recognitions including Golden Butterfly Award, Design Awards Asia and iF Design Awards, exhibit in Design Centre of Singapore, La Biennale di Venezia, Tokyo 21_21 design sight, etc. Graduated from Shih Chien University in 2014. Established STUDIO 411 in the same year.
何庭安(ホーティンアン),デサイナー,1991年台湾に生まれます。2011年、 大学に任学している期間で形象デザインを頼んで、アライアンス文化財団を受任されます,これから芸術指導の仕事を始めます。此の年の同時、自分で推薦して、実践大学のイメージアイデンティティを新たにデザインして学校に官辺形象のフィルムを撮影されます。彼は、アジアで最も影響力のあるデザイナーの一人として選ばれました。台北国際書展金蝶賞のグランプリ受賞のほか、美術の国立台湾博物館と北京今日の美術館も作品を展示します。2014年実践大学卒。同年,アニメーションスタジオ「STUDIO 411」設立。

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+ Experience|歷

Gradutated from Shih Chien University, 2014
STUDIO 411, Founder & Creative Director 2014 ~
Human Cloning, Art Director 2015 ~

+ Major Awards|賞

2017 Golden Pin Design Award - Best Design
2017 Awwwards - Honorable Mention
2017 CSS Winner - SOTD Award Winner
2016 Golden Harvest Award
2016 Asia Pacific Design Award - Award Winner
2015 Outstanding Young Gun Designer Award - Winner
2015 Asia Pacific Design Award - Award Winner
2015 Design Awards Asia - Award Winner
2015 Taichung International Festival - Selected
2014 Outstanding Chinese Typography Award - Winner
2014 Asia Pacific Design Award - Award Winner
2014 Digital Art Festival Taipei - Selected Works
2014 International Anim'est Festival - Creepy Award
2014 ITFS - Official Selection
2013 iF Design Award - Award Winner
2012 Design For Asia Award - Selected Work
2012 Golden Butterfly Award - Creative Award

+ Publications|本

2018 Responsive Logos, Sandu, China
2018 Big Day, Viction:ary, Hong Kong
2017 +81 Magazine Vol.78, Tokyo, Japan
2017 Los Logos 8, Die Gestalten Verlag, Germany
2017 Less is More, Viction:ary, Hong Kong
2016 Asia-Pacific Design, No.12, Sandu, China
2016 Design 360° Magazine No. 64, China
2016 Exhibition Art, Sandu, China
2016 Type Hybrid, Viction:ary, Hong Kong
2016 The Pictograms, SendPoints, Hong Kong
2016 Inspire Magazine No.3, Taipei, Taiwan
2015 Gallery: Worlds Best Graphic v32, China
2015 IdN Magazine v21n6, Hong Kong
2015 Hanzi ‧ Kanji ‧ Hanja, Viction:ary, Hong Kong
2015 Type Player 3, Sandu, China
2015 Asia-Pacific Design, No.11, Sandu, China
2014 Type Plus, Unit Editions, U.K.
2014 Asia-Pacific Design, No.10, Sandu, China
2014 Computer Arts Magazine No. 82, Taiwan
2014 Design 360° Magazine No. 53, China
+ Lectures|講

2016 Monotype Type Pro Summit Forum, Taipei

+ Group Exhibitions|展

2017 Diversity of Graphic Design, Taipei, Taiwan
2017 DeTour, PMQ Venue, Hong Kong
2017 The Color, Nibunno, Tokyo, Japan
2017 Porselein met Karakter, Gemeente Museum, Netherlands
2017 Graphic Design Festival Paris, France
2017 The Delight of Chinese Character Festival, Kaohsiung
2016 Chinese Characters Design Biennale, Taipei
2016 Basel Design Processes 2016 Exhibition, Swiss
2016 Monotype Type Pro Poster Exhibition, Taipei, Taiwan
2015 ADC Young Guns Design Exhibition, Taipei, Taiwan
2015 Outstanding Chinese Typography Exhibition, Singapore
2015 Taichung International Animation Festival, Taiwan
2014 Outstanding Chinese Character Design Exhibition, Taiwan
2014 9th Digital Art Festival Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan
2014 Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film, Stuttgart, Germany
2013 Color Hungting, Tokyo 21_21 design sight, Japan
2013 Name the Tree, URS21 Chung Shan Creative Hub, Taiwan
2013 Animamix Biennial, Taiwan
2013 Anim'est International Animation Festival, România
2013 La Biennale di Venezia, Giardini Venice, Italy
2012 Future Pass World Tour, Beijing Today Museum, China
2012 Future Pass Art Forum Agenda, Taichung, Taiwan
2012 Taipei International Book Exhibition, Taipei, Taiwan

+ Online Press|見

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Graphic Designer

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