De sidere 7.1

鎖定在「未來的奢侈品」這個精準的概念之上,De sidere 7.1 成立於 2023年底,希望藉由新的購買方式啟發讓品牌群眾對下一個世代的 Future Luxury 產出各種新穎的想像。因應 De sidere 7.1 的品牌塑造方向,我們對於科技與奢侈的形象給出了一種新提案,因應前衛、大膽而個人化的精神,以簡潔而大器的 Tone & Manner 體現品牌調性,並透過精準俐落的字體、緊湊的字距、刻意大面積而不置中的文字餘白、炫目卻用色精練的官方網站,抓取出品牌名稱拉丁文「它來自遙遠星辰」這樣悠遠而科幻的品牌氛圍,組合成 De sidere 7.1 的品牌形象。

Founded in late 2023, De sidere 7.1 focuses on the precise concept of "Future Luxury," aiming to inspire the brand's audience with innovative ideas for the next generation through a new approach to purchasing. Aligned with the brand identity of De sidere 7.1, we propose a new image that combines technology and luxury, reflecting a forward-thinking, bold, and personalized spirit. The brand tone and manner are expressed through a clean and sophisticated design, featuring precise typography, compact letter spacing, intentionally large areas of uncentered text whitespace, and a dazzling yet refined color palette on the official website. This design captures the brand's Latin name, meaning "It comes from distant stars," creating a distant and futuristic brand atmosphere that embodies the spirit of De sidere 7.1.
Type Branding
AD Ting-An Ho
D Ting-An Ho
Year 2023

類別 Branding
設計 何庭安
年份 2023

De sidere 7.1 ︎︎︎

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Client: De Sidere 7.1
Art Director: Ting-An Ho
Graphic Design: Ting-An Ho
Year: 2023

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