Bar Pine 松

坐落於信義安和文昌街的一家酒吧,以「文化發生之處」為目標於今年九月開業。由於這家店頂樓的松柏、由於前身為木材行的店址、由於酒與木的不可割捨而得名 ——「Pine 松」。東方人自古就有把松樹連結以孤高、低調的投射,也是與梅、竹並稱的歲寒三友,這種「不畏嚴寒」「靜佇高處」的個性我認為也非常吻合 Bar Pine 的性格。

因此在決定標誌款式時,為求如松般低語的形象,我們刻意不直接把松樹的圖案畫進 Logo(Pictoral) 的寫實作風,也避免從英文「Pine」的筆畫去發想風格 (Lettering wordmark),而是將具有當代筆觸的文字:「松」單獨一字做成簡潔的圖標,配置上緊貼松樹的造型,彰顯它的低調、文雅與孤高。


Bar Pine is a bar located in Taipei, the name comes from the fact that there is an old pine tree on the top floor, and also because the location used to be a lumber shop. We decide not to deliberately imitate any specific style, instead we wanted it to exude a “Contemporary Oriental” feeling. Oriental writers have often linked the pine tree with the words “Elegant”, "Loneliness" and "Low-Key" since ancient times. It is also known as the “Three Friends of Winter” with plum and bamboo. I think this hardy, solitary personality fits the bar image very well. When deciding the style of the logo, in order to seek the image of whispering like a pine tree, we deliberately didn’t directly draw the pattern of the pine tree into the logo, and also avoided thinking about the letting of English words, but made the Chinese character "松”(Pine) as a simple icon, and because Chinese characters are pictographs, the slender strokes are already very similar to the shape of a pine tree.
Type Branding
AD Ting-An Ho
GD Ting-An Ho, Ruopu Li
SP In Situ Interior
HD Yanko Yang
CL Godkidlla
UD Val Chen
RT Sung Cheng-Jie
YR 2022

類別 品牌塑造
藝術總監 何庭安
平面設計 何庭安,李若菩
空間設計 隱室設計
硬體總監 楊格
制服設計 陳亞琦
題字 廖小子
伴禮 宋政傑
年份 2022

Full Credit ::

Client: Bar Pine
Host: Ariel Hou, Yen-Weng Fang
Art Director: Ting-An Ho
Graphic Design: Ting-An Ho, Ruopu Li
Space Arrangement: In Situ Interior Design
Hardware Director: Yan-Ko Yang
Staff Uniform Design: Val Chen
Calligraphy: Godkidlla
Floral: Sensual Flower Point
Retail: Sung Cheng-Jie

Year: 2022

Shopping Design Award - Experimental Award

La Vie
Marie Claire
Demi Monde
Shopping Design

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