Type Waterfall

In 2017, Arphic Technology released a new kind of font: ShuYuan SungVariable Font. A variable font is, a single font file that behaves like multiple fonts, gaining an infinite flexibility of weight, width, and other attributes without also gaining file size. It designed with classic humanities, replacing the stiff strokes with Chinese calligraphic strokes and letterpress type design. We were commissioned to plan this presentation. As a key communicator reach across all media that type is, we built a smart, dynamic and emotional digital art installations, created for Arphic’s presence at creative industry events.

2017年,因應字型推廣的策略,文鼎字型發布了「書苑宋」響應式字型(Variable Font)。響應式字型的特色在於依照不同閱讀條件,可即時響應式的產生粗細、寬度、尺寸等變化,不但多軸度且無接縫的設定,因此能有無限種的變化組合。我們為此受委託策畫並於上海發表展覽的門面。過去我們常試想在乍聽科技冰冷的新媒體設計之中,添入一些些的詩意。而文字本身作為乘載語言與文化的媒介,更不必為其添加多餘的文學性,只要打磨見光、彰顯價值即可。為此我們製作了一個純粹而且強而有力的巨大視覺,讓觀者直接以身體向文字對話,他們只需在方寸之間的舉手投足,便能立刻感受到字體中細小、不易察覺,甚至是毫釐之間的幽微差異。
Type Branding
Client: Arphic Technology

Director Ke-Jyun Wu, Ting-An Ho
CD Ting-An Ho, Ke-Jyun Wu
Visual Script Ke-Jyun Wu
Generative Artist Ke-Jyun Wu
Interactive System
Ke-Jyun Wu, James Weng
3D Artist Stewart Chien
Space Arrangements Ta Chung Liu
Acting Model Val Chen
Project Manager Ting-An Ho
Production House Studio 411
Year 2017

類別 品牌塑造
客戶 文鼎字型 Arphic

導演 吳克軍,何庭安
創意總監 何庭安,吳克軍
視覺演算 吳克軍
互動程序 吳克軍,翁睿辰
3D模型 簡華佐
空間設計 劉大中
互動演員 陳亞琦
專案管理 何庭安
年份 2017

完整專案詳述 Full Project ︎ 

完整專案詳述 Full Project ︎

Full Credits:

Type: Branding
Client: Arphic Technology

Director: Ting-An Ho, Ke-Jyun Wu
Creative Director: Ting-An Ho, Ke-Jyun Wu

Visual Script: Ke-Jyun Wu
Generative Artist: Ke-Jyun Wu
Interactive System: Ke-Jyun Wu, James Weng
3D Artist: Stewart Chien
Space Arrangements: Ta Chung Liu
Acting Model: Val Chen
Project Manager: Ting-An Ho
Production House: Studio 411
Year: 2017

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