Vanessa - SHAN SHAN

Vanessa Kim is a singer-songwriter from Beijing. "SHAN SHAN" tells a story in the form of a letter, within tones like friends greeting, to send the temperature across far distances. In order to highlight the absurdity of the "distance", we used the form of a sci-fictional nation, clothing and landscaping, and design the graphics that have contain both cold and warm styles, that forms a huge sense of loneliness.

金玟岐是一位來自北京的獨立創作歌手,作為創作專輯壓軸的《姍姍》,以書信的形式,問候朋友的口吻,描述跨越長遠距離的溫度。為了將歌曲其中「距離感」的概念極大化,MV 將時間與空間的距離都拉到外太空,透過穿越數光年的訊息,美術則拿捏在具有科幻架構的背景下卻復古的工業設計,以拉出溫暖室內與冰冷艙外的明確界線,成就其巨大的孤寂感。
Type Music Video
Director Aikolove Liu
Producer William Chen
Graphic Design Ting-An Ho
Production Design Sam Lee
Year 2017

類別 MV
導演 劉明群
製片 陳偉仁
視覺 何庭安
美術 陳澍宇
年份 2017

Full Credit ::

Client: Asia Muse
Project Manager: Angie Pan、Zi Jie Qi

Type: Music Video
Director: Aikolove Liu
Producer: William Chen
Graphic Design: Ting-An Ho
Production Design: Sam Lee
Editing / FX: Aikolove Liu
Year: 2017

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