La La - The Inner Me

"The Inner Me" is Taiwanese Mandopop artiste Lala Hsu's fifth Mandarin studio album, tells a story in the form of a letter, within tones like friends greeting, to send the temperature across far distances. In order to highlight the absurdity of the "Inner", we crafted 6 different scenes to present various stages of emotion states, that forms a huge sense of loneliness.

Type Music Video
Director Aikolove Liu
Producer William Chen
Graphic Design Ting-An Ho
Production Design Ash Chen
Gaffer Guan-Lin Tseng
Stylish Chi-Lun Fang
Post Production Yiching Lee
Makeup Shih-Chin Chen
Hairstyle Jia Yun Liu
Year 2018

類別 MV
導演 劉明群  製片 陳偉仁
視覺 何庭安  美術 陳澍宇
燈光 曾冠霖  造型 方綺倫
後期 李宜璟  化妝 陳詩晴
髮型 劉珈妘  年份 2018

Full Credit ::

Client: Asia Muse
Project Manager: Angie Pan、Zi Jie Qi

Director/DP: Aikolove Liu
Producer: William Chen
Field Service: Jiaming lee, Zhengda Huang 
Production Design: Ash Chen 
Production Assistant: Lijie Xu 
Visual Design: Ting-An Ho
Field Service(Art): Yucheng Xu,  Junhao Xu, Zhenghan Chen, Gongmin Lan
Gaffer: Guanlin Zeng
1st Lighting Assistant: Jingwei Chen
Lighting Assistant: Xichuang Chen, Weiyen Xu 
Camera Assistant: Xinlong Huang 
Editing/Grading: Aikolove Liu
VFX: Yiching Li
Lyrics: Ting-An Ho
Stylist: Chulung Fan
Makeup: Shiqing Chen
Hairstyle: Jiayun Liu
Year: 2018

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