Vanessa - IDOL

Vanessa Kim is a singer-songwriter from Beijing. "IDOL" tells a story about things that needs to be sacrificed to become an idol, as well as the risk of losing themselves. In order to highlight the absurdity of this "deleting the original self to accomplish another self ", we used the form of a fictional nation, clothing and landscaping, and design the graphics that have both oriental and western styles, so that the audiences can't tell which culture, country, or nation we were filming.

金玟岐是一位來自北京的獨立創作歌手,作為新創作專輯主打歌《偶像》,講述了為成為偶像所需犧牲的一切,並藉他人之手塑造出一個嚮往卻虛無的存在。為了凸顯這種「消弭自我去成就另一個自我」的思維與荒謬,MV 因此以架空的民族為影像風格,服裝與造景都參雜著說不出的異國氛圍,烘托出奇異的光景。
Type Music Video
Director Aikolove Liu
Producer William Chen
Costume Design Val Chen
Graphic Design Ting-An Ho
Production Design Sam Lee
Editing / FX Aikolove Liu
Year 2017

類別 MV
導演 劉明群
製片 陳偉仁
造型設計 陳亞琦
視覺設計 何庭安
美術設計 李宸曦
剪接 劉明群
年份 2017

Full Credit ::

Client: Mountain Top
Project Manager: Syokyo Lee

Type: Music Video
Director: Aikolove Liu
Producer: William Chen
Costume Design: Val Chen
Graphic Design: Ting-An Ho
Production Design: Sam Lee
Assistant of Prioduction: Jia-Bing Fan, Ai-En Lin
Camerra Assitant: Mu-Ping Lee
Gaffer: Jing-Hou Yang
Lighting Assistant: Kung-Ming Lan, Chau-Hsiang Yang
Editing / FX: Aikolove Liu

Cast: Luo Family (小羅家族)
Year: 2017

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