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「健康的人、社會和地球。」是 Panasonic 的新展望。
在人們的生活和價值觀正在發生變化的當下,世界的常識也在改變,Panasonic 創造了一個名為「Make New」的宣言,跳脫他們100年來製造電機的定位,以此為出發點改變世界。於是,今年 Panasonic 委託 Spoon. 與設計師水野學發動邀請,委託世界知名的動態與平面設計師們為其打造一系列全新的品牌宣告形象,我也欣然答應一同設計動態視覺。

以「Make New」為願景,Panasonic 審視過去的資產,重新整頓後,希望實現下一個時代的富裕。「次の時代の豊、無限の可能性に向けて、未来の定番をつくっていく」即是他們的目標。為此「打散、整頓、重組、可能性」便是我為其打造的動態形象,將西方的「Make New」與東方的「新」不斷拼貼與重組,呼應其快速變化的敏捷態度。提案的過程非常快速且聚焦,視覺立刻過關,並製作了一系列針對不同尺寸、載體與長度的變化。

"Healthy People, Society, and Earth" is Panasonic's new vision. In a time when people's lives and values are undergoing changes, and common knowledge around the world is evolving, Panasonic has created a declaration called "Make New." Breaking away from their century-long position as manufacturers of electronics, they aim to change the world with this new perspective. This year, Panasonic commissioned Spoon. and designer Mizuno Manabu to invite globally renowned graphic designers to create a series of brand declaration images. I gladly agreed to design the dynamic visual elements For this project, I crafted a dynamic identity embodying the concepts of "disruption, organization, recombination, and possibility." I continuously juxtaposed and reassembled the Western idea of "Make New" with the Eastern concept of "new," echoing their agile attitude towards rapid change. The proposal process was swift and focused, with the visuals immediately passing approval. A series of variations for different sizes and carriers were promptly produced.
Type MG
C Panasonic
AG Spoon Inc
CD Manabe Mizuno
Daisuke Kobayashi
GD Ting-An Ho
MG Ting-An Ho
Year 2022

類別 動態識別
客戶 Panasonic
製片 Spoon Inc
創意 水野學
導演 小林大祐
平面 何庭安
動態 何庭安
年份 2022

Full Credit ::

Client: Panasonic
Prodiction: Spoon Inc. 
Creative Director: 水野學 Manabe Mizuno
Director: 小林大祐 Daisuke Kobayashi
Graphic & Motion design: 何庭安 Ting-An Ho
Year: 2022 

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