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At PureGear, they believe that wireless technology should simplify your life, not weigh it down. This is why they design reliable mobile device accessories that complement today’s demanding, on-the-go lifestyles. The products are designed with added features and benefits that make sense – for work or play. They also committed to providing with premium quality at an affordable price. With this in mind, it is their goal at PureGear to simply enrich everyday mobile life experiences, while respecting the wallet and our world.

Puregear 總公司 2010 在洛杉磯建立,為 Superior Communications 自有品牌,主力產品為智慧型手機配件,在功能性與美觀上兼具的平衡點上,讓消費者在享受優質產品的同時,也能坐擁樸實的價格。雖然普格爾成立僅數年,於北美已開創出極佳的銷售額和知名度。
Type Branding
Client Puregear
Art Direction Ting-An Ho
Strategy Ting-An Ho
Year 2013

類別 品牌塑造
客戶 Puregear
藝術指導 何庭安
品牌策略 何庭安
形象影片 STUDIO 411
年份 2013


Full Credits:

Type: Branding
Creative / Art Direction: Ting-An Ho

Branding Films

Director: Ting-An Ho
Storyboard: Ting-An Ho
Modeling: Stewart Chein, Jyunwei Huang Ting Tu
Animation: Stewart Chien, Ting Tu
Motion Graphic: Ting-An Ho, Jyunwei Huang
Look Development: Jyunwei Huang
Project Manager: Ting-An Ho

PureTEK Commercial Film
Modeling: Ting Tu

Storyboard: Jyouan-Mi Chen
Animation: I-jan Chang
Look Development: Ting Tu
Motion Graphic: Jyouan-Mi Chen

Project Manager: I-jan Chang

DualTEK Commercial Film

Art Director: Stewart Chien
Animation: Stewart Chien
Simulation: Jyunwei Huang
Look Development: Jyunwei Huang
Icon Design: Ting-An Ho
Motion Graphic: Ting-An Ho, Jyunwei Huang

Project Manager: Jyunwei Huang
Year: 2013

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