Cat Types   

Cat can types.
Because of the typhoon days, I was forced to stay in the studio all day with them. I thought they were quite idle. So I told them to help me design a typeface, which was completed within one day. The results were very unsatisfactory, but they did their best.


(Spontaneity Project)

Type Graphic Design
Design CryLoud, Boss, 22, BB
Photography Ting-An Ho
Year 2019


類型 平面設計
平面設計 牠們
攝影 何庭安
年份 2019

Full Credits:

Type: Graphic Design
Design:  CryLoud, Boss, 22, BB, Ting-An Ho 
Photography: Ting-An Ho
Special Thanks: Jyunwei Huang, Jyouanmi Chen, Stewart Chien, Ting Tu
Year: 2019

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