Maay 2020 五月

Ting-An Ho: Design for Playful Collaboration

Many people's first impression of Ting-An Ho is a graphic designer.
However, looking closely at his past experience, it seems that it is not just "graphic" design.

posted on 2020.05.25

Interview ︎

Words by  Stella Tsai Photo by Crystal Pan

December 2019 十二月

Taipei Graphic Interflow Festival

“Taipei Graphic Interflow Festival” is an international design conference held in 2019. It invites global design studios in graphic design, vfx and motion design to exchange new knowledge from different countries and showcase upcoming design trends.
TingAn Ho (Graphic Designer) + Andrew Kramer (Founder of Video Copilot) + Oddfellows (Creative Studio) + Mark Tsao (Adobe Lecturer) →

posted on 2019.12.14


January 2019 一月


Identity design plays an integral part in shaping the entire experience of a festival or fair even though it is often overlooked. As the first point of contact for potential visitors, it has to convey the right energy and emotion to attract the right crowd in addition to containing all the relevant content. GRAPHIC FEST shines the spotlight on distinctive identities that successfully express the essence of new and recurring festivals and fairs in creative ways. From logo and type design to environmental settings and custom applications, it is an informative and inspiring resource book that showcases the comprehensive and systematic approach designers and organisers take to bring events to life.

posted on 2019.01.18

Victionary ︎

First Edition: 2019 Sep
Sandu Publishing
ISBN 978-8416851904

September 2018 九月

Responsive Logos: Design for the Digital World

With numerous communication options and devices available nowadays, logo design, the visual cornerstone of a brand's identity, adheres to this trend and becomes more and more responsive. Some brands redesign their logos using the up-to-date design languages and methodologies, for example, flat design. And some brands optimize their logos for today's multiple devices and screen resolutions, with quite a few variants of the same logo used for different purposes. Steps of reducing details, rearranging spaces, or combination can be involved during the design process.

posted on 2018.08.26

Sandu Publishing ︎

First Edition: 2018 Sep
Sandu Publishing
ISBN 978-8416851904

January 2018 一月

+81 Magazine Vol.78: The Millennial-Generation issue

Remarkable advances in digital technology have made creative self-expression a much closer part of everyone’s life, while sharing information and communicating via SNS are now pretty much a given. In this issue, we introduce 44 talented, up-and-coming creators we think likely to lead the coming era that 30 or under and thus members of the so-called “millennial generation” that grew up alongside all of this. This installment of +81 touches upon the unique sense and aesthetics of the new wave of artistic minds and in doing so take a look at the future of the creative scene.

posted on 2018.01.09

Plus 81 Magazine ︎

First Edition: 2017 Dec
ISBN 978-430-99213-8-9

December 2017 十二月

2017 Golden Pin Design Award: Best Design


Tonight, the Best Design winners were announced at the Golden Pin Design Award 2017 Grand Ceremony, in the spectacular Eslite Spectrum Performance Hall, inside Taipei’s historic Songshan Cultural & Creative Park.

posted on 2017.12.07

Golden Pin Award ︎
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March 2017 三月

Motion Type Projet, la typographie animée

“Quand le motion design rencontre le travail typographique, c'est "Motion Type Project". Un projet collaboratif mené par le graphiste Ho Ting-An, de la National Chiao Tung University de Taïwan. L'idée de se projet est de réunir des experts de la langue chinoise, et de créer des idéogrammes chinois animées. Le graphiste taïwanais bientôt diplômé, explique la difficulté d'un tel exercice pour des lettrages orientaux.” -- étapes

posted on 2017.08.14

étapes ︎

Words by Florian Bulou-Fezard

January 2017 一月

Graphic Design Festival Paris 2017

2017 巴黎平面設計節參展

Air Poster / AREP Group / D&AD / Page Tsou / Bito Studio / Ting-An Ho / MixCode Studio / Henry Chang / Adrian Johnson / Antti Kalevi / Benoit Tardif / Hannah Warren / Jim Stoten / JooHee Yoon / Martin Nicolausson / Natsko Seki / Noritake / Paul Blow / Sophie Casson / Stefan Glerum / Tadashi Ueda...

posted on 2017.01.24

"Visual Taipei" ︎

invited by Bito
curated by Page Tsou

March 2016 三月

TINGANHO × GU Co-Branding Project

何庭安 × GU 聯名專案

Available at

posted on 2016.03.10

GU ︎

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