"LE" Group Exhibition

For a group show at the Institute of Applied Arts at NCTU, we created the identity to sit alongside the exhibition. Taking on a palette of black and yellow it makes a punchy impact but is softened by the use of white on the reverse of materials and outlined letters. The series of posters stand out as the same character is manipulated into different styles from hand-drawn type to more graphic and illustrative interpretations to create multiple iterations. This cacophony of approaches alludes to the different work that’s on show but still intrigues the viewer. Echoing the idea of change is the set of invites that have been designed with fold lines already in place to encourage the viewer to play with invite’s physical form and turn it into a paper plane. It’s a playful touch and helps towards making the initial glare of the identity less brash and more delicate.
Type Exhibition
Client NCTU
Art Direction Ting-An Ho
Graphic Design Ting-An Ho
Typography Ting-An Ho, Yi Hsuan Li
Interactive Ke Jyun Wu, Diao Chiu
Year 2015

類別 展覽識別
客戶 交通大學
藝術指導 何庭安
平面設計 何庭安
字體設計 何庭安,李宜軒
互動程式 吳克軍,邱梁鈞
年份 2015

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Type Hybrid
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