Island Invisible

"Island Invisible" is an exhibition representing Taiwan in the Prague Quadrennial. This name is intended to insinuate Taiwan's status in the international community, which is in a time of uncertainty. When this blurred boundary is constantly changing, what is the relationship between theater and people? What is the current situation in Taiwan?

I think this topic is very interesting, so I directly used "island" and "Invisible" as visual elements to arrange the text into flattened islands and waves to create this image:
"In an ocean of text, A lonely island that is always floating, even though it is vaguely visible.”

現今全球最大,劇場藝術界四年一次的盛會「布拉格劇場設計四年展」再度將重返捷克工業宮,其中即將代表台灣參展的《寶島浮沉 Invisible Island》台灣國家館,並將於空總舉辦台灣場預展。 以「寶島浮沉」此一命題代表台灣的旨趣,在於台灣此時在國際社會的狀態也正宛若虛實交融之際。當這道模糊的界限不斷流動,劇場與人之間的關係會如何轉變,與台灣的現狀與處境該如何回應?為了使這道命題具體視覺化,因此受到策展人之委託,設計了這次展覽在布拉格與台北兩地的主視覺識別。

正由於展覽識別其關注於「島」的處境,我認為名稱「寶島浮沉」之命名具核心(島)與形式(浮沉)的組成十分有意思,因此我們直接引用兩者作為視覺構成元素,透過將文字編排設計將這個關係轉為具像的畫面, 再度呼應對於這次展覽虛實難分的詮釋方向——「在一片文字汪洋之中,雖隱約難見,但始終漂浮著的孤獨島嶼」。

Type Exhibition
Client Taiwan Association of Theatre Technology
Curator Yi-Sheng Wang
Art Direction Ting-An Ho
Graphic Design Ting-An Ho
Year 2019

類別 展覽識別
客戶 台灣技術劇場協會
策展人 王奕盛
藝術指導 何庭安
識別設計 何庭安
年份 2019

Full Credits

Client: Taiwan Association of Theatre Technology
Curator: Yi-sheng Wang
Art Director: Ting-An Ho
Graphic Design: Ting-An Ho
Inspiration: Shun-Fa Yang  
Text creator: Ming-Lun Wu, Jhao-Cian Wang
Curation and Set Design Assistant: Jen Lee, Ting-Yun Wu 
Project Manager: Hsin-Yu Huang
Year: 2019

Hanzi•Kanji•Hanja 2, Victionary, Hong Kong, 2O22

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