專案詳述 Case Study
Type Branding
Client Enjoy Music
Production Design Ting-An Ho
AD Ting-An Ho, Val Chen, Paul Lu
MV Director Aikolove Liu
Costume Val Chen
Stylish Lin Xiu Wei
Year 2015
類別 品牌塑造
客戶 喜歡音樂
美術指導 何庭安,陳亞琦,陸耀偉
MV 導演 劉明群
角色造型 陳亞琦
歌手服裝 小公主
年份 2015

Info 設計背景

After earning accolades for her acting performances in the past few years, Mini Tsai (Also known as "Douhuamei") returns to pop music industry, with her new release song BEEDONG. In her typical style, Douhuamei aims to spread happiness and love with her adorable, bubbly tunes.

2015 年,因應蔡黃汝(藝名豆花妹)在主流音樂圈的回歸,在睽違四年未發專輯之際,此時需要一支令人耳目一新且形象鮮明的品牌形象。基於如上考量,我們因此受託為她規劃此專輯「壁咚」之視覺與主打歌 MV 美術。

Design Concept 設計概念

Since her absent for a long time from pop music industry, It is the time to rebrand for both the new customers and old fans. The new album needs eye-catchy and strong image to remember, but also not too aggressive, consider her position in the pop music market.


在與美術團隊及導演數度溝通後,我們決定選出兩大主色作為核心色票,塑造出二元對立的視覺效果;搭配MV 導演試圖拍攝幻有趣的舞蹈影片,由此延伸出二元對立陣營的概念。

Character Development 角色開發

"Beedong" is a word originally came from japanese phrase: "kabe-don." The word describes a situation in which a guy slams his hand against the wall, pinning a girl against it. Within the song title, we also created a fictional characters with the concept of the album. As the characters in the MV stand in the opposite side from the singer, we refer to the last century 80's SFX and children's TV series, created such as "BEEDONNG Strange Man", "Wall Clan" which was all a bunch of weird and ridiculous villains, and then by the art team to produce actual roles.

其次,為了專輯的宣傳活動,與角色團隊也一同創造出概念專輯的配角群。由於在MV中這些角色站在主角的對立面,我們參考了上一世紀 80 年代的特攝片與戰隊劇集,開發如「壁咚怪」、「站壁戰隊」等等荒誕孱弱可笑的反派設定,再聯合美術及造型團隊製作出真人扮演角色群。

Character Making 角色製作

MV Direction 音樂錄影帶拍攝

Following the simple and clean vision of the album concept, we continue it of all the way to the music video direction, maintaining a high tension with these colorful graphics.

透過原創角色與色調規範(Design Guideline)順利運作,並參與全程的行銷及宣傳,專輯「壁咚」塑造了一組力道強勁但簡潔乾淨的視覺,並延續二種顏色、二元對立的構思,一路到 MV 主題及內容的敘事上,都維持著高彩度對比的視覺效果。

Typefaces 字體系統

In accordance with the album planning, and closing to the concept of cordial and simply, we also redesign the typefaces more than 6000 texts for the exposed content, album lyrics and common words. Through the simple shape of round-hand Chinese letters, the typeface accurately catch the feelings of the relaxing and breeziness, just as the title song.


Design Results 設計整合

As the return planning for Douhuamei, we created a consistent, attentive visual impression. Through our color planning and design guideline, the identity works smoothly and participate in the whole marketing and publicity, formed into a strong but still simple identity


Full Credit ::

Album Planning: Color Lee
Artist: Douhuamei (Huang-Ru Tsai)

Art Direction: Ting-An Ho
MV Director: Aikolove Liu
Producer: William Chen
Production Design: Val Chen, Yao-Wei Lu, Ting-An Ho
Costume Design: Val Chen
Title Design: Yen Po Chun
Stylish: Lin Xiu Wei
Typeface Design: Ting-An Ho
Album Package: Yen Po Chun
VFX: Aikolove Liu, Pin-Lu Lin
Gaffer: Jing-Hao Yang
Photography: Sam Hu
Project Manager: Color Lee, Kun-Ta Hsieh
Cast: Mu-Han Chiu

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