TAIPEI 101 New Year’s Eve

Taipei 101 takes the first person perspective and invites the little green man of traffic signs, introducing Taiwan to the world. In addition to being a well-deserved international superstar, it is more able to resonate with Taiwanese people in everyday posture.

Type Art Direction
Client Taipei 101
Agency Rhizome Creative Operator 
Creative Dir Rex Takeshi Chen
Art Dir  Ting-An Ho
Animation Dir K4S & Hans Lin
Music Dir Lim Giong & B. Shichi Liu 
Year 2018 

類別 藝術指導
客戶 台北101
機構 底醞敘事
創意總監 Rex Takeshi Chen
藝術總監 何庭安
動畫總監 陳柏豪 林思翰
音樂總監 林強 劉士齊
年份 2018 

Professions / People

Geography / Species

Foods / Snacks

Medical  / Healthcare

Freedom of Speech


Freedom of Religion

Native Culture

Diversity / Inclusion

Case Study

Full Credits

Client : TAIPEI 101
Producer & Chief Director: Wiyon Liu
Director: Rhizome Creative Operator
Assistant Director & Coordinator: B. Shichi Liu
Creative Director: Rex Takeshi Chen
Art Director & Styleframe Design: Ting An Ho
Animation Director: Kforce Chen & Hans Lin
Motion Graphics ( Teasers ) : You Cheng Zhen
Script: Rhizome Creative Operator
Storyboard: B. Shichi Liu / Nemo Lin / Oliver Lin
Music Supervisor & Composer: Lim Giong & B. Shichi Liu
Chorus & Song Writing: Puzangalan Children’s Choir
Fireworks Design: Sidney Lee / Giant Show
Assistant Designer: Nemo Lin / Oliver Lin
Documentary Shooting: Yen Sean Huang
Project Assistant: Henry Chiang
Assistant Animator: Bruce Chen / Lit Jhan / Li Feng / Chin Kuo
Technical Engineering: ACT Creative



Art Director &
Graphic Designer
@2019 tinganho